We Have Moved!

Inclusion Inc has moved to an all new building!  Our new address is as follows:

Inclusion Inc.
50 SE 18th Avenue
Portland OR 97214

All numbers and extensions are the same.  Drop in and see our new building sometime!

Multnomah County Developmental Disabilities Services

Invites You to

Customer Art Show and Reception

Thursday December 9, 2010

3:30 PM- 5 PM

At 421 SW Oak Street, 6th floor
Portland OR 97204

Art submission is open to artists in services with Mult. Co. DDSD or a Mult. Co. Brokerage.

Your staff, friends and family are welcome to attend the reception with you (limit 4 guests per artist).

Please do us the honor of displaying your art piece in our office.
Your art will help make our work environment
more creative and inspiring.

Refer to the Registration form here for more details.
Please return registration forms by November 15.
Submit to Natasha Roe: ph. 503.988.6273, FAX 503.988.3648,
email: natasha.r.roe@multco.us

Chance to Explore Your Local Library

Free music and movies?

Free graphic novels?

Free Internet use?

Sound too good to be true? Nope! Your local library has all kinds of free things for you to use and borrow, not just books!

Join Jeff, Inclusion’s most recent volunteer as he gives a tour of the Hollywood Library.  Jeff will be helping you get a library card so you can check out what you want and introducing you to all the great, free
things the library has to offer.

When? July 13, 20, and 27th from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
(Jeff will be there all 3 days, you are welcome to come all three, or just one)

Where? Hollywood Library 4040 N.E. Tillamook Street

*If you need to get a library card, please bring your picture
ID and mailing address*

Providers are welcome!

Questions or RSVP to Tracy Hendrick at
thendrick@inclusioninc.org or 503.232.2289 x 115

Some thoughts on the Fairview Center Fire

Hi Everyone,

I’m sure many of you have heard that Fairview burned to the ground on Wednesday in a 3 alarm fire.



We have customers who lived at Fairview and they certainly are experiencing many emotions today.

This is a good opportunity to remember that there are many states in this country that still run large, segregated institutions.  I have met many people this week who are heads of organizations that manage these and large ICF’s and group homes and describe this week as a “life changing” experience.  They are returning home with plans to close down their residential programs and replace them with supported living, I cannot stress what a huge, uphill, and very risky endeavor this is for them, living in states that have very powerful forces and funding who support this type of living arrangement.

I cannot express how incredibly symbolic, coincidental and powerful this event is.  Please take a moment to read a bit on the history of Fairview, and know that we in Oregon have come a ways, but still have a very long way to go until people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the same civil rights as you and I.

Submission by: Anne Zaccardi, Program Director, Inclusion Inc.

Welcome, Chris and DeeAnn!

Chris Pizzuto joined our team as a Personal Agent on December 7, 2009. DeeAnn Donaldson came on board, also as a Personal Agent, on December 28, 2009. We’re glad to have you on our team!

DeeAnn Donaldson

DeeAnn considers herself a native Oregonian (Go Ducks!). She was born in Arizona and moved to Oregon at the early age of 3 months.  She grew up on a farm in Central Oregon and this is where her passion for working with individuals with developmental disabilities began while working as a teacher’s aide in a special educational classroom. After moving to Portland in the early 80’s, she began her career working in vocational and residential settings, which she has been doing for the last 25 years.  DeeAnn had a hard time writing this bio so she went to her “source,” her 7 years old niece, who wrote this next section for her.  My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is Mexican. I like to ski and spend time with my family, especially my 3 nieces who live in Portland and a niece and nephew in Arizona. I love music, especially classic rock, and watching movies and football with her dog Cosmo.  DeeAnn came to work at Inclusion in December of 2009 and is excited to serve individuals as a Personal Agent.

Chris Pizzuto

I was born and raised right here in Portland, OR.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and have been working in the field of developmental disabilities for many years. I started out working in group homes and moved on to a vocational site.  I feel like this field of work is very important and beneficial for the entire community and I feel very lucky to be a part of a great atmosphere here at Inclusion. In my free time I enjoy listening to music, and spending time with my wife and two dogs in the outdoors fishing and camping and enjoying the beauty that Oregon has to offer.

A Letter to the Editor

Here is a letter to the editor of the Canby Herald from one of our customers, Alicia Cantu. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and making your voice heard, Alicia!

Willamette Week article on Measures 66 and 67

Here’s an interesting article from Portland, Oregon’s Willamette Week about the upcoming tax measures 66 and 67. Please read!

Class Warfare?

Be a hero. Vote YES on Measures 66 and 67!

Vote YES on measures 66 & 67 to keep vital Oregon services for seniors, education and people with disabilities. Visit http://www.voteyesfororegon.org for more information.

Measure 66 & 67–what you need to know!

Ballots will begin arriving in less than a month, but most voters still don’t know there’s an important election in January that will decide the fate of Oregon’s schools and critical services.

The news over the last two weeks has made it crystal clear that Measures 66 and 67 will have a direct impact on the lives of every Oregonian. Last week, the Oregon Legislative Fiscal Office detailed specifically what critical services would likely have to be cut without the funding that Measures 66 and 67 provide. Here are just some of the news reports about what is at stake for Oregon’s students, seniors, and families:

Report outlines deep cuts if Oregon tax measures fail:

“Among the projected cuts: more than 15,000 seniors with disabilities would lose Oregon Health Plan coverage; 3,000 families with two unemployed parents would lose monthly payments; and the Department of Corrections would close three prisons and release 1,600 inmates.” Associated Press, December 1

Lawmakers release spending-cut options

“Potential spending cuts, which lawmakers released late Monday, could reduce aid to public schools and universities, result in less help for families and seniors, close three Salem-area prisons and trigger layoffs of state troopers and court workers.” Salem Statesman Journal, December 1

Agencies outline effects of cuts

“[S]pending cuts would likely mean less support for [university] courses and the elimination of faculty and staff positions. Given that the universities are experiencing the largest student enrollment levels in state history, such cuts could delay graduation for students, many of whom may drop out because of the higher cost of remaining enrolled while waiting to take required courses.” Eugene Register Guard, December 1

Watch this video:

Vote Yes on Measures 66 and 67!

Vote “Yes” For People with Developmental Disabilities!

The Oregon Developmental Disabilities Coalition supports YES vote on Measures 66 and 67

Many people do not know this yet, but the State of Oregon has been in a budget cutting process this month.  Seniors and People with Disabilities just released a preliminary cut list of what will happen if two measures getting voted on January 26 fail.  This Special Election on January 26 will either help maintain planned services OR cause extensive cuts if the measures fail.  Here is a short list of some of the cuts that impact people with developmental disabilities.






Passing these measures will help keep services such as the brokerage system and other supports funded.  What can you do?  Register to vote, learn about the issues, and vote in the election!

Passing the measures will:

*Increase corporate minimum income tax for the first time since 1931 from $10 to $150

*Increase the tax rate on corporate profits above $250,000 by 1.3%

*Increase the tax rate on personal income above $250,000 for couples by 1.8%

*Protect services to people with developmental disabilities

*Protect over 15,000 jobs in the developmental disabilities community alone

97.5% of taxpayers will NOT see their taxes increased and Oregon will still have the 5th lowest corporate taxes in the nation, lower than any other West Coast state.

These measures protect nearly $730 million in vital services like brokerages, education, and public safety for all citizens. In this time of economic crisis, we must protect those who have been hit the hardest — including people with disabilities.  Remember to vote and VOTE YES on measures 66 and 67!

For further information see:   http://voteyesfororegon.org/