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Whispers of Hope–Advocacy for Special Needs Individuals

Karen has been an karen_imgadvocate for disabled people since she was a small child. She has advocated for herself when no organizations were available for disabled people, and became a pioneer by leading the way in the disability rights movement. She spoke up where others had not.

In 2002, she was elected to sit on the Executive Board of Protection & Advocacy, Inc.. While there she actively helped this organization working as a team player to change existing laws by altering legislation in our government. Karen took a pro-active, hands-on role in updating Protection & Advocacy, Inc.’s vision and mission statement to include treating human beings with dignity and respect.

*This site has been developed by Karen Lynn throughout the last 11 years as an act of love and devotion to help others with Celebral Palsy, their parents, family and friends. It has been of the utmost importance for Karen to share her life’s story with other disabled*

Karen Lynn

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AT Network Assistive Technology Tools for Living – Success Stories

Here you will find the stories of individuals and their families who have experienced the life-changing benefits of finding the right kinds of tools and technology. Many of these stories are provided by Independent Living Centers, members of the California AT Network.

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Lose the Training Wheels returns to Portland

A special fleet of bikes arrived in Portland last week. You won’t find one in a store and you’ve probably never seen anything like it. Imagine a rolling pin for a back wheel that weighs about 50 pounds. Try and push the bike over and it rights itself like those inflatable punching clowns. Now imagine a room full of kids and a few adults pedaling around with volunteers running behind them. One week out of every year, the Lose the Training Wheels program comes to Portland to teach people with developmental disabilities to ride a two-wheeled bike. I attended the parent meeting last night at Concordia University Gymnasium because my twins will get a chance to participate, too. My kids are what camp organizers call “typical” — meaning they don’t have developmental disabilities like all the attendees at the Bike First! camp, so they’ll do the one day Quick Start camp on Saturday. Quick Start helps pay for Bike First! camp and uses the same technology to teach balance and control. It costs thousands of dollars to bring the specially adapted bikes and trained professionals up from California for this very special week. Every year, camp sells out and over 90% of the attendees lose their training wheels.

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It’s a recyclable picnic for 3,000, as St. Vincent’s throws barbecue — and leaves 1 bin of trash

How do you feed a full meal to more than 3,000 people from start to cleanup and have just one trash bin to take out? Ask the folks at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland.

This was no lean event. Hamburgers, meatless burgers, burger buns, hot dogs, pasta and potato salads, corn and fruit, all manner of condiments — and nearly 2,000 12-ounce sodas. Yet one barrel of trash stood alone, almost all of it the more than 2,000 fudge bar wrappers.

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