Measure 66 & 67–what you need to know!

Ballots will begin arriving in less than a month, but most voters still don’t know there’s an important election in January that will decide the fate of Oregon’s schools and critical services.

The news over the last two weeks has made it crystal clear that Measures 66 and 67 will have a direct impact on the lives of every Oregonian. Last week, the Oregon Legislative Fiscal Office detailed specifically what critical services would likely have to be cut without the funding that Measures 66 and 67 provide. Here are just some of the news reports about what is at stake for Oregon’s students, seniors, and families:

Report outlines deep cuts if Oregon tax measures fail:

“Among the projected cuts: more than 15,000 seniors with disabilities would lose Oregon Health Plan coverage; 3,000 families with two unemployed parents would lose monthly payments; and the Department of Corrections would close three prisons and release 1,600 inmates.” Associated Press, December 1

Lawmakers release spending-cut options

“Potential spending cuts, which lawmakers released late Monday, could reduce aid to public schools and universities, result in less help for families and seniors, close three Salem-area prisons and trigger layoffs of state troopers and court workers.” Salem Statesman Journal, December 1

Agencies outline effects of cuts

“[S]pending cuts would likely mean less support for [university] courses and the elimination of faculty and staff positions. Given that the universities are experiencing the largest student enrollment levels in state history, such cuts could delay graduation for students, many of whom may drop out because of the higher cost of remaining enrolled while waiting to take required courses.” Eugene Register Guard, December 1

Watch this video:

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